Foundation week March 2019: Norfolk Island History Lovers Tour

Foundation week March 2019: Norfolk Island History Lovers Tour

03 Mar 15:00 - 10 Mar 18:00 - Kingston
Norfolk Island History Lovers Tour


Step back in time and celebrate the 230th anniversary of the island's first settlement. Immerse yourself in Norfolk Island heritage for a history lovers holiday in March 2018

Marvel at the beauty and heritage of Norfolk Island’s Convict Settlement.
Norfolk Island anniversary Foundation Day 6 March 1788
Norfolk island Family history research workshop
Saving the Souls of the shipwreck HMS Sirius 1790
Norfolk Island Heritage 1st Settlement and family reunion dinner
Tour of old Sydney Town from the first settlement
Historic Cemetery visit showcasing the 1st Settlement headstones

Norfolk island 1st Settlement Family History research zone
Norfolk Island History and Family History research resources and primary records
Norfolk Island History Lovers show bag
Personalised heritage and history guide and much more
Discover where your ancestors lived on Norfolk Island
and much more
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